Premium Options


Blades can create a noisy environment that if exposed to constantly can be an annoyance. As a premium option, however, blades can be silenced. On job sites sensitive to noise, Syntec’s silent blades are the ideal solution, drastically reducing the cutting noise as well as the high pitch ringing sound made by regular blades. Silent blades have been ‘vibration damped’ within the blade’s core by laminating two steel cores together around a copper centre. This technology is called a sandwich core and provides the best sound reduction, lowering noise levels by up to 15 dB.

A further plus of silencing the blade is the vibration resistance that comes with it and protects the blade’s core, increasing blade life, sawing quality and operator safety.

Typically, blades are only available as a silent version, if the machine they are used on does not overpower the noise of the blade itself. Syntec offers bespoke specifications for a range of masonry, core and refractory blades.

Silent version of diamond blades to reduce the noise from cutting


CPP stands for Controlled Particle Placement and describes a technology with which diamonds are placed into the bond in a specific templated arrangement. This ensures even wear and consistently high cutting performance throughout the life of the segment. Without this technology diamonds are still distributed in even amounts throughout the bond, i.e. you would never find all the particles in only one corner of a segment, however, their exact position cannot be determined.

CPP technology - controlled particle placement of diamonds in the bond of the diamond blade segment

conventional placement of diamonds in the bond of the diamond blade segment


If the core of a blade wears faster than the segments, this leads to a sharpening of the core right below the segments which is called undercutting. Undercutting is a common issue on asphalt and green concrete applications in which an abrasive slurry accumulates when cutting into the road’s subbase. Therefore many blades nowadays feature protection segments that prevent the core’s erosion and associated issues such as segment loss. Primarily, Syntec uses recessed cores, so-called slugs, as protection segments.